Jake's Tale House. - One Hundred Thousand Welcomes
       Jake Cardigan
is the name I write under, but before I tell you that story, let me start by telling  you just a little about myself.
I was born in Dublin, Ireland and like most Irish families we made up for the shortage of money by giving out an abundance of names, so I was named Roger Anthony Benedict Patrick Byrne.
We moved to England in 1946.I was a seaman with the British Merchant Navy and later served with the Grenadier Guards in London, Libya and the jungles of West Africa before becoming an International business consultant. I have traveled extensively including U.S.A, Mexico,Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan,China, India, South Korea,Japan, Argentina,Brazil, Venezuela, Canada, West Indies and most of Europe.
Over the years and the miles  I discovered there is more about the human race that brings us together than seperates us from each other.
I also discovered that the more things appear to have changed - the more they have stayed the same.
In 2006,with my wife Jan (seen here) we moved to Florida, arriving at almost the exact same time as the economy left. Where it went remains a mystery, however along with many others in America and around the world, we had to review our plans.
We had brought over from England two Cardigan Welsh Corgis and a black cat.
One dog - Bertie - died in the first five months. The second dog - Jake-followed him four years later at the age of fourteen.
He was my constant companion and when he left I was devastated. (That is his picture at the top of the site  - keeping his eye on everything).) To deal with my grief I wrote him a poem, all the things I wanted to say as we let him go but was unable to find the right words at that emotional moment. 
You can read it on the 'Farewell to Jake'  page and should you want a copy, Iwill be happy to email it to you.
Shortly after he passed over to join his friends at the Rainbow Bridge, I became very conscious of his growing presence urging me to write a book. This constant urging would not go away. Wherever I went, whatever project I attempted he interrupted with his insistent mental barking.
So I wrote Barnford Abbey and as a tribute to him and acknowledging the fact that without his influence I would never have written at all, I have taken his name - JAKE CARDIGAN.
Inspiration comes from many different - and often - unexpected sources, In this case, my dearly beloved dog who simply refuses to leave me alone and is the major influence in my new writing career.
 Barnford Abbey is my first novel, written in two parts - so I suppose it is my first TWO novels. I have started on the third novel - The Celtic Knot- and there are two more in preparation.
I invite you to join us on this journey and share in our adventures as I attempt to satisfy the literary wishes of the real Jake Cardigan,who keeps a very close watch on all my endeavors from the Raimbow Bridge!
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