Jake's Tale House. - One Hundred Thousand Welcomes
                 Farewell  to  my  Friend (Jake)
Goodnight, my friend, Goodnight.
Go gently to the light.
Think not of what you leave behind
Just look ahead to what you’ll find.
Across a starry ridge
Is the place called Rainbow Bridge
And many friends have gathered there
To welcome you and show they care
These friends you’ve met before
They’ve all passed through that door
For you they have waited patiently
Knowing you were here with me
When I looked into your dark brown eyes
I very sadly realized
Where once they shone to play the game
They were now glazed with some inner pain.
You were just a little pup
When I first picked you up
And I promised you that very day
I would never let you suffer this way
So close your eyes and rest
You’ve been the very best
I’ll think about you constantly
For in my heart you will always be.
Until my time comes due
Then I will come for you
You’ll hear me calling - ‘Come Here Boy’
And I’ll see you prick your ears with joy.
I believe this to be true
Once more I’ll walk with you
And in that heavenly place we’ll be
Together again for eternity
So Goodnight Dear Friend....Goodnight.
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