Jake's Tale House. - One Hundred Thousand Welcomes
By request I am leaving this tale up on the site.
If you want to copy it for your own use,or to give it to someone else...please do so. It is true tale which has a happy ending. Skip is still having a 'happy dog's life' as at 24th August 2014. I so appreciate all the comments I have received and thank you for taking the time to send them to me.
The first years of my doggy life
Were mostly filled with sorrow and strife.
Each time I thought I'd found a home
I was sent back to where I'd come from.
I tried so hard to do it their way
But nothing seemed to be Okay.
I don't remember my life as a pup
My mother had gone before I grew up.
I just recall being passed around
Always ending up back in the pound.
From house to house and pack to pack
Nothing worked, I was always sent back.
I'd given up hope of a life being shared
Of finding someone who really cared.
Each time I thought I would remain
I did something wrong and was out again.
Eight doggy years is a very long time
So to my fate I was resigned.
And then you came into my space
I raised my head and saw your face.
I was feeling sad and could hardly dare
To think you were the one who would really care.
This time I would try to be very good
Then you smiled and I felt you understood.
Into your home for the very first time
Feeling nervous, not sure what to find.
It was Christmas season, That I could see
With all the lights and the big green tree.
This had happened before and to my dismay
Each time it ended I was sent back on my way.
My spirits dropped right there and then
After this, I'd be back in my cage again.
Then I saw toys in my bed and felt the love.
It was doggy heaven from up above.
Could it be true, I'd found a home
Where I would never be alone.
The time stretched out from day to day
I started to hope I'd be here to stay.
And then - DISASTER - I wet the floor
I ran to hide behind the door.
What could I do? I felt real fear
That i would be sent away from here.
I peered around and to my surprise
Saw nothing but love within your eyes.
You looked at me with a gentle smile
Reached out and stroked my ears for a while.
"It's okay boy, you've done no wrong
This is your home now - where you belong."
Each time I panicked thinking it was the end
You comforted me just like a friend.
When the fireworks exploded on bonfire night
You pulled me close and held me tight.
And my fears all went when I heard you say
"Don't worry boy - It's all okay."
When we went to the Vet and I caught that smell
I thought I was going to doggy hell.
When my paws were sore with grit and brine
You cleaned them off and made it fine.
And my worries went when I heard you say
"Don't worry boy - It's all okay."
Five years have passed and there's no looking back
I've finally found my very own pack.
I'm your Good Boy, you're my very best friend.
I'll be with you right to the end
And I bless each day I hear you say.
"Don't worry Skip - It's All Okay."
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